I just recently got my raspberry pi. I'm running NOOBS on a 16GB SD card. I've been running xbmc from the terminal, I ssh in from my laptop, run XBMC which is displayed on my TV.

I set up my library on a usb hard drive, and added the library to XBMC. I watched a couple of films, no problem, everything works fine. Once the app is running I'm controlling it with the android XBMC controller.

After the second film, I was playing around with the display settings, as the menus were getting very slightly clipped. Everything was fine. I tried to download a new skin, it appeared to be working, but when it had finished there was nothing new in the available skins. I tried playing another movie, but the application froze as I was navigating the menu. I left it for a couple of minutes but it never came back to life, so I killed the process and attempted to restart it, then I get the error:

ERROR: Unable to create application. Exiting

I've uninstalled the app and reinstalled using both:

sudo apt-get remove xbmc


sudo apt-get purge xbmc

But it doesn't make any difference, the error persists.

Can anyone help?

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I had the same problem after I upgraded my Raspberry Pi to the last version with rpi-update.

I fixed it by deleting the contents of the XBMC temp user directory with:

$ rm -r ~/.xbmc/temp/*


If that didn't solve the problem, try to deleting the file ~/.xbmc/userdata/guisettings.xml, but be CAREFUL. You will lose your XBMC configuration.

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