i want to use my EzCap269 video grabber with my new Pi Zero 2. Unfortunately the video grabber won't work (power led is off) - so i assume it's getting not enough power (it's a USB3 device). I'm using my smartphone's standard power adapter for the Pi Zero2. Any ideas what could be wrong?

  • If EzCap269 requires USB3 it won't work on a Pi Zero 2 as it is only USB2!
    – CoderMike
    Nov 2 '21 at 21:57
  • hmm .. it should be backward compatible .. i was thinking about using some power cable which will inject extra power - which is being used for external DVD-ROM-drives ..
    – Fuxi
    Nov 3 '21 at 8:46
  • Surely you would need to USB3 speed to capture video irrelevant of power issues.
    – CoderMike
    Nov 3 '21 at 9:26
  • it's for my ambilight and was already confirmed that it works - but the person used an ethernet-hub which supplied the extra power
    – Fuxi
    Nov 3 '21 at 10:06

Ok - simple solution: using a OTG adapter for supplying extra power will do the trick

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