I am using a RaspberryPi Zero W to build a nest camera for wildlife studies. The hope is to have a camera run continuously while attached to a battery and solar system while saving files to the onboard microSD card. I have successfully booted MotioneyeOS and everything seems to run fine aside from not being able to find any video files when I plug the SD card into my laptop afterward.

The other oddity I have noticed is that when I write the MotioneyeOS to the SD card, it creates two other partitioned drives (F/G) that are shown us corrupted and in need of formatting.

Keep in mind, my skills are limited here, I'm a biologist by training just trying to fake it here.

Can anyone tell me what the file pathway is to the microSD card?

eg what pathway should i type in the interface to send files to the SD card?


Look in /etc/motion/motion.conf for target_dir

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