My raspberry pi automatically sets disable=1 to all the wifi networks that are not currently connected. So when I take the Pi to other places, it won't connect it to the network automatically even though I have put the SSID and PASS to the conf file in the past.

How can I stop my Pi from disabling the wifi networks in the wpa_supplicant.conf file?

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Don't use the stupid GUI tool (or disable the update-config option).

Every time the GUI changes WiFi networks it disables all others (you would have to ask Raspberry Pi Ltd. WHY).

If disabled it does not. I don't actually use the GUI as I manually enter networks into wpasupplicant and only disable those I don't use e.g. my son's US network.

You can leave enabled if you manually edit your wpasupplicant.

wpa_cli list_networks will show status of devices in wpasupplicant.

NOTE I haven't looked for years (this Q & A is years old and I use Network Manager).

  • Sorry, this has been bugging me for a long time. 😀Like, Why does this issue pop up suddenly on a pi that's been working perfectly for a long time. Mar 3 at 13:25
  • Does "disable the update-config option" change other things? Could it cause other problems? Why does it work? Or do I need to accept it as one of life's little mysteries? Mar 3 at 13:31
  • Cheers on the update edit! Just commenting out update config in the WPA_supplicant.conf seems to work so far. I'm only using ssh so no need for GUI. Mar 5 at 17:47

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