I'm using a kit to learn about Raspberry Pi. The kit had a GitHub repository with code to learn from. I forked their repository on my GitHub account, cloned it to the Raspberry Pi, and am working with my fork. I also set my username and email with git config. I'm able to use Git locally to commit changes, but I haven't been able to push my changes back to my fork.

I've set my user ID and email, and the remote is set correctly, confirmed by the git remote --verbose command. But when I try to push either the main branch or a new branch with git push --set-upstream origin <<branch-name>> the shell just hangs. I've given it plenty of time (>20 minutes) to complete, but nothing happens. The only way I get out is to press Ctrl-C.

How can I push my local changes to my GitHub account?

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Your question may be "off topic" for RPi SE, but I've had to address this recently also - here's what I learned:

Effective August, 2021, GitHub requires token-based authentication for git operations on repos - userid & passwords are no longer allowed. This article outlines how to create a personal access token, and use it from the command line w/ git

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