I need to receive electricity data from a charge controller with a raspberry pi and process these data on the hmi screen. How can I get accurate information about raspberry pi data communication, how to use received data. I really need advice. For example, the controller device supplies a certain electricity to a place. I want to show the size of this electricity on the hmi screen. Device will calculate to electricity degree, i need the show electricity degree on the hmi. What do I need to learn to do these procedures, how do I progress, I'm really new to this business and the company I work for asked me to deal with this kind of project. maybe I asked something that shouldn't be asked, but even though I'm new, I came across this kind of thing. I feel stuck.

  • There are plenty of Pi tutorials. Search on-line. Work through ones which interest you. If you have a problem ask a question.
    – joan
    Nov 15 '21 at 9:38
  • @joan While doing research, I wanted to get an idea about how to proceed. I know how to do research, but I felt the need to write here and get ideas because they do these things in a hurry at the company I work for. To give an example, when I am still at a level to turn on and off the light with the raspberry pi, they want me to take the electrical data from the device and process it on the hmi screen. I would like to learn step by step and apply, but I am stuck in such a situation. :(
    – praw
    Nov 17 '21 at 13:12

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