I am very interested in the raspberry pi Portable NAS project. I successfully managed to set up raspberri as NAS Server with OMV (openmediavault) + Plex server. For now I able to access openmediavault and Plex only if raspberry connected to external wi-fi router.

I thought, what if configure the raspberry in the access point mode, connect to it via Wi-Fi and try to use OMV, Plex etc. But it dos not work like that. In case if I'm connecting to raspberry pi 4 as Access Point via WI-FI, openmediavault, Plex are not available for use within the subnet created by the raspberry itself.

Is there a way to configure a raspberry pi 4 so that I can connect to it as an access point and be able to access/administer the OMV (openmediavault), plex server?

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