Any Mac users using Disk Utility to make backups of their Raspberry Pi SD cards? I used to use Disk Utility, New Image > DVD/CD Master Image, then rename it with an .iso extension, then I could etch it to a new SD card using balenaEtcher. I'm on BigSur now & haven't done this in a while, but this procedure no longer works. The imaging is way faster than it ever was before (used to take about 20 mins, now just a few seconds), but the image, when copied with etcher, doesn't boot the pi. I know you can use terminal commands, but that's an ugly alternative b/c the prompt just remains bank after a press until the process is done (you can repeatedly press CTRL+T for updates on status, but it's very unfriendly). I'm also working with students & would like something with a GUI. Any advice on macOS ways to backup a Pi outside of terminal commands. Thanks!

  • There is an excellent native solution for RPi backups, but as you are averse to using the terminal, I'll skip that. Perhaps your question would be more appropriate for the Apple SE?
    – Seamus
    Nov 18 at 23:47
  • Why do you stick with Mac? There are multiple tools available on Linux to create backups of your SD card.
    – framp
    Nov 23 at 19:54

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