I followed a guide on youtube to set up my raspberry pi. I'm trying to use python for facial recognition but the camera is not working.

I did

vcgencmd get_camera

in the terminal but the result was

supported=0 detected=0

Does anyone have any idea why supported shows 0?

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  • maybe the camera is not supported ... or it is not connected ... or it is defective ... or etc. etc.
    – jsotola
    2 days ago
  • supported=0 means you haven't enabled camera at all - note: you hopefully are running buster, not bullseye
    – Bravo
    2 days ago
  1. Check first if the camera is supported

2. Try a powered USB hub to plug in the camera / maybe it isnt getting enough power

Then you can install this tool to test out the camerasudo apt-get install luvcview

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