I'm having issues finding a way to install Java 17 on my RPi. It seems like anything I do, it either reverts to JDK11 or 16. This would be running the latest Raspbian.

Does anyone have any tips that I could follow to get Java 17 to be the active version?


  • You might want to clarify where you got the tarball from (I think currently oracle is the only source). You'll also need to be using a 64-bit OS.
    – goldilocks
    Nov 28, 2021 at 17:02

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Have you tried sudo update-alternatives --config java?

This adds symbolic links to your /usr/bin folder. This way your system shouldn't revert back to java11/16 - unless for example the program you're running has their own path to a java installation.

Another option would be to change your PATH in ~.profile or ~.bashrc. You can add your java17 installation path to the PATH like this, but I think you'd have to delete the java11/16 from the path for this to work:



I download the "Full" JDK from BellSoft as it is complied with DIO support for Raspberry Pi and also includes OpenJFX. There are 64 or 32-bit versions:


Get the regular Java SE JDK, not the embedded version.

The .deb installed cleanly on my RPi 3 B.

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