I'm having trouble with a WiFi dongle that shows up on lsusb as 0bda:8172 It was working on my Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2 running Buster until a kernel update. The current kernel is 5.10.63+ Nothing is available through install-wifi from MrEngman

I found good instructions here: https://github.com/raspberrypi/linux/issues/2185 with instructions for compiling the r92su driver (replacing the r8712u driver).

Unfortunately the module does not compile because of changes:

e.g. eth_change_mtu has been deprecated.

Can anyone point me to a more recent copy of the rtl8192u (and/or r92su) source code so that I can compile it against the current kernel and get my wifi adapter working again.

I ultimately want to use this dongle with my Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2 running Bullseye and the same kernel version.

I've spent about two frustrating weeks following several leads that all ended up in a morass of confusion.

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