raspi-config P4 only allows temperatures above 60, but I prefer being able to touch my pi before the fan turns on. Is there a way to ignore this limit and set the temperature to a lower value?

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Only a single line needs to be added to config.txt


to switch the fan on at 60℃ - 60000 millicelcius (the default is 55℃ but you can select any temperature). The fan turns off when the temperature falls by 10℃.

This uses the gpio-fan overlay (which has been available in the kernel since late 2018) and should be included in recent versions of Raspbian. (Read /boot/overlays/README for description of this and other Device Tree overlays.)

See https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/105820/8697


Reading the code in raspi-config, it sets the following in config.txt


replace x with the gpiopin the fan control is connected to
replace y with the trigger temperature in millicelcius

If you've played with the P4 already you should see the dtoverlay=gpio-fan line in config.txt already, so you just need to edit that and reboot

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