I would like to stream video & audio from one Pi4 (equipped with mic/cam) to another Pi4 (equipped with screen/speaker) via ethernet (cable connected directly between them).

I've looked around, found a bunch of stuff about raspivid/ffmpeg, issues on older Pi models, but most don't bring in the audio and it doesn't seems to be easy to have it in sync with the video.

Any up-to-date info is welcome.

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Not sure I can give precise details but if I recall correctly pulseaudio is quite happy to convey audio generated on one device on a LAN to another one.

IIRC you will want to use paprefs to enable the appropriate audio ends to be sent to/accessible from the network and if there is not a user logged into either device then you will need to configure pulseaudio to operate in "server" mode on that device.

For security you may also need to ensure they have the same "cookie" - if this has not been previously created (and it is required - not sure if that is optional) then a new random one will be generated - if the other end does not have the same one they will not connect to each other!

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