I'm installing flickrfs in my raspbian. But it requeries FUSE to be install.

I have already do:

sudo apt-get install libfuse2 fuse-utils python-fuse imagemagick
sudo apt-get install fuse
sudo modprobe fuse

and when I write lsmod in the terminal, it does not appear. Does anyone know how to install fuse on raspbian?

Some more info, that can help:

 uname -a
 Linux Cubie-1 3.4.24-a10-aufs+ #33 PREEMPT Sun Feb 24 21:17:26 CET 2013 armv7l GNU/Linux

zgrep -i fuse /proc/config.gz ?     
# CONFIG_AUFS_BR_FUSE is not set

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It's not appearing in lsmod because it's complied statically into the kernel rather than as a module.

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