Though id ask here as it seems like a pool of knowledge

Im wanting to record RTSP streams on my raspberry pi possibly combining my OMV instance, not sure the best solution/setup hence the post.

I want to setup and maintain this internally i.e I dont want to use a 3rd party cloud service.


I want to record on loop 2 streams (storage permitting ~a weeks worth of footage)

  • Via RTSP streams as the cameras dont have FTP functionality

Be able to fairly easily view the recordings via my computer and android phone

  • As seamless as possible (seems the vlc media player app doesn't work with ftp all that well)

Have access to the live streams via the RTSP stream

  • The cameras are blocked from accessing the web so the ezviz app will not suffice
  • I intend to use my vpn profile whilst out the network to get me back in for functionality

I dont mean for this to be a typical someone else do the work for me kind of post, I'm fairly new to raspberry pie's and I have trialled a few software's such as shinobi which is nice but rather beefy and doesn't give that great mobile access. Also various shell scripts with openRTSP and FFMPEG but seems rather unreliable and not fault tolerant , if the script crashes nothing is recording.

If you could help with any or all of my query id appreciate it,


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    it isn't raspberry pie ... look at the very top of this page
    – jsotola
    Dec 24, 2021 at 4:10

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You can use Ant Media server for the same. https://antmedia.io/

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