I am using a Raspberry PI 3B+ for learning Python programming and some hardware design for PI3. I hadn’t turned it on for a while. Recently, I powered it up and it booted just fine. The second power up cycle, on startup, it displayed the error message: “GDBuss.Error.org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.NotSupported:Operation not supported” I noticed that when attempting a shutdown, the dialog box for shutdown appears but nothing happens when I select shutdown (or reboot, or log out). However opening a terminal window and typing “sudo shutdown now” does shut down the Pi. Additionally, it does not recognize a USB drive so I cannot move my files to another device. I did an update to the operating system but it did not help. I have created another bootable SD card with the latest Raspbian OS (Raspbian OS GNU/Linux Version 9 stretch) and it boots fine. If only I could use a USB stick to move my files from the old SD card to the new, I would be fine. I cannot find this error on the raspberry Pi troubleshooting forum nor this exact issue on this forum. Any help would be appreciated to correct the root cause of this error.

  • Have you seen this linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-26/… or searched for the full error message on google? You can recover files from it using a Linux system (even your Pi and an external card reader.) Dec 29 '21 at 3:26
  • Thanks for the reply to my post. I have indeed searched for the complete error message on Google with no results. Some hits on the general topic of PolicyKit1 error but none that were applicable to my error. I tried to place the SD card in a USB reader and plugged it into a Unbuntu machine to read the files. I could see operating system files but not my personal files in /pi folder. Guessing it's a permission thing. I did, however, recover my files by using Chromium, logging into my webmail account and sending my files to myself using email attachments. I will follou on the link you included.
    – aubreypage
    Dec 30 '21 at 16:24

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