I have a raspberry pi 4b 8gb variant, using official raspberry pi 4 psu , with sandisk ultra 32 gb micro sd card.

The problem is the boot time it take 6-7 minutes to boot. And while running it headless it takes 3-4 minutes to establish connection using ssh on top of the boot time mentioned above. opening 3 chromium windows the cpu usage jumps to 100% resulting in freezing for some time.

I have checked the sd card read speed and it was about 18-17 mb/s. I haven't overclocked it and the temperature remains between 45-55 'C.I made it boot through my pendrive but the problem is same. So is it prossible that there is some issue with the board and its eeprom is of Apr 2021.

This is my first board so i did what i could and coudn't resolve the issue. Any suggestion are welcomed.

  • Welcome, but to be helpful we do need some additional details: 1) "The problem is the boot time it take 6-7 minutes to boot." Please edit into the question an explanation of how you know this and if there is anything else unusual you've noticed during the process. 2) Edit into the question output from systemd-analyze blame from anytime after the boot process is complete.
    – goldilocks
    Dec 29 '21 at 15:30

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