I want to connect a camera which outputs raw H264 via USB to an RPi4, I want to stream the video to a remote PC (Win10). I was advised that using H264 input would reduce the conversion overhead on the processors. In the current setup, the camera is iterated after a lsusb command as "H264 CAMERA".

There will also be an UART link which will trigger other events including recording stills and video locally on the RPi.

My background is MCU's and I'm a complete novice with RPi video. I have read a lot of conflicting information on this subject but most of it seems to be quite dated. I understand that FFMPEG can get this done but I'm not sure where to get started. So...

  1. How do I set up FFMPEG to stream the video over Ethernet?
  2. Can the RPi record simultaneously? If so how do I initiate the still/video recordings in MPEG/JPEG formats?
  3. Maybe you guys can suggest a better way of getting this done?

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