I am trying to identify a chip on the RPi 4 model B that is connected to the SD card. The chip is located next to the SD card reader and one of the pins is connected to the SD Card positive voltage supply (Vss). One of the other pins is connected to the 3.3V GPIO rail of the Pi. The chip is in a 5 pin package TSOT23. Looks like that: https://www.distrelec.de/Web/WebShopImages/portrait_medium/ho/to/SOT-5-Photo.jpg

It does seem like a voltage regulator of some kind. The markings on it read OF=XXX, where XXX is a "random" combination of symbols. I have two PIs and on one of them the chip is marked as OF=NGC and on the other OF=8CC

I could not find anything matching such SMT marking code, except a TI (TPS799xx family) voltage reg, which looks like it is fitting the fuction, however on the TI chip the in and out pins a swapped compared to the one on the chip from the PI. That is if I reversed engineered properly the connections on the PI, of course.

Thank you!


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