I have two network interfaces, wlan0 and uap0 currently set up. I am using uap0 as WiFi access point that a user's WiFi device can connect to and be used to configure the wlan0 interface via a Web UI hosted on the pi.

I have the configuration through the Web UI working as a proof of concept but it requires restarting services which results in the uap0 accesses point closing and kicks the user's device off that WiFi connection.

I would like to find a method that does not require restarting services associated with both wlan0 and uap0 since I need to preserve the connection to uap0 after setting up the wlan0 interface.

I have looked at systemd networkd a bit but I am unsure if this behavior is possible or not. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Don't include uap0 in whatever service you are referring to, and instead start it through some custom service.
    – goldilocks
    Jan 7 at 17:28
  • Are there any resources that you can link regarding setting up a custom service for a network interface? I am currently using a script to set up uap0 and I am not sure exactly what all that it is doing with regards to wlan0.
    – ryhansen34
    Jan 7 at 20:00
  • It's all about systemd; this is what plays the role of init in most contemporary GNU/Linux systems. It has been around a bit longer than the Pi and of course not unique to it. RpiOS is only a few tweaks on normative Debian, and systemd is pretty much the same everywhere, so if you are searching for documentation search "linux systemd" (or just "system"), including "Raspberry Pi" will just hamstring the searches. It is not hard to create a service if you already have a script that works, just a little trial and error with the service file....
    – goldilocks
    Jan 7 at 21:05
  • ...You could always post the script here or on Unix & Linux and ask for advice about creating the service. How exactly you are setting up the AP is relevant.
    – goldilocks
    Jan 7 at 21:06
  • My understanding is that systemd networkd is easier to use with wired connections and while wireless connections can be set up it seems that it is suggested to use something a bit more powerful like Network Manager instead. Any suggestions on which toolset to use?
    – ryhansen34
    Jan 7 at 22:00

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