I have received a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, and have been using it for several weeks. I had installed OpenWRT(21.02.1) on one of my MicroSD cards and had put it into my pi. I don't have an external monitor, so I run headless ssh via ethernet connected to my laptop. This time, the lights to the bottom left and right of the ethernet port of the pi are flashing green or red(sorry, I'm color blind) for about 5 seconds on, and 10 seconds off. I have tried switching power sources, ethernet cables(also I have made sure that they are plugged in correctly), MicroSD cards(without OpenWRT), and restarting both computer and pi.

Sorry if I wasn't previously clear about my problem, but it is that the ethernet connection between my computer and raspberry pi is disconnecting for 10 seconds after 5 seconds of being connected.

I don't really know what is happening, and any help would be much appreciated.

  • does your laptop get an IP address from the pi?
    – Bravo
    Jan 9 at 23:36
  • Only when the light is on.
    – Chinatown
    Jan 9 at 23:41
  • Also, my mom has just told me that on the left is yellow, and on the right is green. Idk if that helps at all.
    – Chinatown
    Jan 9 at 23:45
  • bad ehternet cable perhaps
    – Bravo
    Jan 9 at 23:48
  • I literally stated that I had tried switching ethernet cables. The chances of having 3 suddenly bad ethernet cables are quite slim.
    – Chinatown
    Jan 10 at 0:37


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