I am running Raspbian on my raspberry pi, and have it plugged in to a vga display via a converter. The display is way to zoomed in, and I wondered how to fix that.

When I run /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -s I see: state 0x12001a [HDMI CEA (1) RGB full 4:31, 640x480 @ 60Hz, progressive

When I run /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -m CEA I see: Group CEA has 1 modes: (prefer) mode 1: 640x480 @60Hz 4:3, clock:25MHz progressive

Thank you!

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    Define "via a converter".
    – user8894
    Feb 8, 2014 at 22:00
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    "Via a converter" means I have connected it to a VGA display through a HDMI to VGA converter box.
    – OscarPi
    Feb 9, 2014 at 18:38

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Read up on the /boot/config.txt file


Open it to edit

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

These are probably the options you are looking for, uncomment to use them:



From the looks of things, there might be a lot of fiddling with the options that you have to do. For example try this:


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