I own a mobile home park. I have water meters that have remote displays. I find myself constantly needing to change the values of the display. It takes forever to roll the wheel by hand, so I want to mechanize it. I want to take a pi zero, a relay board, a battery, power regulator, a keypad, and a digital display to make a box wherein I input a number and it puts out that many pulses. I then want to be able to input a value and maybe a function key to reset the meter to 0. The meters range from 0000.0 to 9999.9, so I want to hit like 589.1 + "Reset" and my widget output 9410.8 pulses to roll the meter back over to 0000.0. I am new to python and have no idea where to begin. I am not a programmer. I can do the mechanical and software setup, but get stuck on how to do the Python and it's been years since I've done any programming.

  • Not really a Pi question. Have a look at some on-line tutorials for learning Python. Sending pulses is simply toggling a GPIO. Have a look at elinux.org/RPi_GPIO_Code_Samples for GPIO libraries.
    – joan
    Jan 11 at 19:09

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