My Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB RAM has TwisterOS. A power outage happened and then the Pi boots in CLI only at first. I have to execute 'startx' everytime I boot.

Then some of my settings were changed, like VNC was disabled for some reason.

Then WiFi and Bluetooth don't work either. I assumed initially the WiFi/Bluetooth module wasn't working but I used another SD card with the same OS and it works fine.

Did my SD card get corrupt? If that really happened, my files are all okay and safe. So can anyone help me understand what happened here and how do I get my WiFi working.

I want to backup my files before I reinstall the OS and plugging in a USB device isn't helping either, the file manager doesn't detect any new devices.

  • sounds like some parts of your install did get corrupted or at least are in a state you do not desire. recover what you can, write the whole os from the beginning and restore what you recovered.
    – Abel
    Jan 15 at 19:57


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