My Raspberry ran for about a year and was a webserver and samba server. Suddenly I couldn't connect to the raspberry pi and ping also didnt work anymore. I flashed a new OS to the sd card but I still couldn't connect to my Raspberry Pi over SSH.

I removed the LAN-cable and flashed the SD-card again and booted it up. Look at the LEDs:

Raspberry Pi LEDs light up without LAN cable

As you can see, i have no cable plugged in. And ifconfig says that there is no eth0.

Did my network module die?

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Insert a physical loopback into your RJ-45 Ethernet port. Install hwinfo and then issue hwinfo --netcard, if link detected is set to no it might be an hardware failure. You may also check /sys/log/dmesg and /sys/log/syslog for some specific problem with eth0.

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