I'm running GPSD 3.23.1 built from source but this also occurred on GPSD 3.22-4 from the debian/raspbian repositories.

When I launch any gpsd client, gpsd sends the first fix it managed to acquire, and then sends nothing else. Two fixes for this are running ubxtool -p RESET or unplugging, then replugging the gps mouse, however neither of these persist past a restart of the daemon.

The GPS mouse is not broken as it works just fine on other devices running gpsd and on gpsmon.

The only other case of this that I could find online is on this reddit thread.

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I had the exact same problem and updating gpsd to version 3.25 solved the issue. I followed these instructions that I found in the comments of the Reddit thread you pointed to.


sudo apt install -y scons \
  libncurses-dev python-dev pps-tools git-core asciidoctor python3-matplotlib\
  build-essential manpages-dev pkg-config python3-distutils

wget http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/gpsd/gpsd-3.25.tar.gz
tar -xzf gpsd-3.25.tar.gz
cd gpsd-3.25/

sudo scons
sudo scons install
sudo reboot

Note: This won't setup the system's service as it would by installing gpsd with sudo apt install gpsd gpsd-clients, so you have to start it manually using: sudo gpsd --nowait --badtime --speed 9600 /dev/ttyACM0 (adjust the parameters for your setup).

  • I'll mark this answer as accepted once I'm able to test this. Thanks for the system service extra info, I missed that in my earlier research.
    – OskarZyg
    Commented Mar 13, 2023 at 19:44
  • This worked for me, however for some reason the GPSD service was not running the new version. So make sure that /usr/sbin/gpsd is the proper binary. In my case I had to copy the 3.25 one from /usr/local/sbin. My best guess is that it wasn't updated because the service was running when it should have been replaced? Either way, replacing it makes everything work.
    – ashley
    Commented Mar 29, 2023 at 0:52

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