I'm running Raspbian Pi v11 (bullseye), and I'm booting into the GUI. I'd like to set up two desktops that will run a single full-screen app on each (example: one is a web browser). And then via my custom software, I'd like to switch the active desktop on the fly, without user interaction.

Any suggestions on how this might be done? Thanks.

EDIT: I suppose that having both as full-screen applications on a single desktop and (in some way) switching between them would be an alternative, but I am not sure how to do that either.


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Most Linux OS come with a Desktop pager.

Simon Long's response to a support question "We’ve never supported desktop paging; it’s in there because it’s in LXDE, and we’ve never actually removed it, but it’s not something we will be supporting going forward, I’m afraid. If it doesn’t work with mutter – and it sounds as if it doesn’t – we are unlikely to have the time to fix it."

Try Buster.
If might work if you revert to Openbox.

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