I have been having some issues using the HQ pi camera. I am running Rasbian 11, latest apt update 11 march 2022. I use libcamera-still to take images and I call this command using python subprocess.Open.

The problem I am encountering is an inconsistent one, that seems to pop up randomly over time. To give a bit of background, I have a machine that takes images every 5 seconds, about 300-400 per day.

Most of the time this runs fine, but sometimes I get the following error:

Preview windows only support YUV420.

This seems to then freeze the image taking, as no image file is being written to my disk.

Rebooting the machine fixes the issue.

How would I approach trouble-shooting this issue?

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for your vnc question: (iam not allowed to answer because of my reputation points wtf)

sudo nano /boot/config.txt


hdmi_froce_hotplug, hdmi_group, hdmi_mode

to force a resolution for vnc

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