when I execute this:

gphoto2 --trigger-capture

This returns:

*** Error ***
Sorry, your camera does not support generic capture
ERROR: Could not trigger capture.
*** Error (-6: 'Unsupported operation') ***

For debugging messages, please use the --debug option.
Debugging messages may help finding a solution to your problem.
If you intend to send any error or debug messages to the gphoto
developer mailing list <[email protected]>, please run
gphoto2 as follows:

    env LANG=C gphoto2 --debug --debug-logfile=my-logfile.txt --trigger-capture

Please make sure there is sufficient quoting around the arguments.
  • what is your question?
    – jsotola
    Mar 17, 2022 at 21:51

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That is correct. As the message says: the SX 510 does not support generic capture.

If you want a camera to do the capture, choose a camera that supports it. Look at http://www.gphoto.org/proj/libgphoto2/support.php for a camera with Image Capture.

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