I have a camera module which was working fine without the two infrared (IR) lights:

infrared camera.

Today, I decided to place on the IR lights:

  • turned off Pi
  • attached the lights and rescrewed the camera on its mounting
  • turned on Pi

Nevertheless, Pi cannot recognize the camera, even without the IR lights (which were glowing before). I have tried resitting the ribbon, converting to legacy (but no raspvid there, only with libcamera-vid).

  • What could go wrong? How can I repair the electronic circuit of the camera module?
  • Is it possible that some kind of short-circuit happened? It shouldn't, but if yes, which one is most likely to fail, raspberry pi's side of circuitry or the camera's?
  • My take is that a short-circuit shouldn't cause damage because the voltage is low, but I'm just an amateur, is my intuition correct?
  • What can I do to troubleshoot the problem? Of course it's not the cost of the camera module (although it hurts a bit) but I ask more for learning purposes.
  • your question is not Raspberry Pi specific
    – jsotola
    Mar 22 at 23:45

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The problem is fixed. However, if anyone can answer the questions of electronics survivability for Raspberry Pi/Arduino type of projects please feel free, since I have not found concrete online answers.

The problem was that when I was screwing the super-tiny hex nuts a corner of one of them was making a tiny "invisible contact" with a pin of a component. During all my tests there was a short-circuit, and this didn't damage the camera nor the Pi. Unbelievable, as a certain Australian would say... Invisible contact

  • 1
    I use nylon screws and nuts for mounting my camera to eliminate this problem.
    – Craig
    Mar 23 at 19:54

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