I use a raspberry pi(3b+) for home assistant. It ran a few weeks good, but suddently it didn't work anymore. Now i can not even anymore access the raspberry pi through windows explorer. Does anybody have an idea how this comes? The raspberry has a fixed IP address, which is visible if i run e.g. "advanced ip scanner". But as already mentioned, it does not work to access it through windows explorer. Home assistant does not work neither... I am new, so i don't have much experience. Many thanks in advance, Pieterjan

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    windows explorer is a file manager ... how were you accessing the RPi?
    – jsotola
    Apr 4 at 15:51

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The raspberry has a fixed IP address...

If you have made a DHCP Static Mapping in your router/DHCP server that corresponds to the static ip setting you've made in /etc/dhcpcd.conf, please ignore the remainder of this answer.

If you haven't made a corresponding entry in your router/DHCP server, please direct your attention to the static value heading of man dhcpcd.conf, and note this statement from the author of dhcpcd:

For IPv4, you should use the inform ipaddress option instead of setting a static address.

And so, in spite of the many ill-advised suggestions to the contrary, you will be best-served by following the author's advice. It's not so much that the static value option is always the wrong thing to do, it's that many users see the static value option as being a complete configuration - it is not. The router/DHCP server is also involved in DHCP, and you ignore it at your peril and frustration. The inform option (or alternatively the request option) may provide you with the static IP address you think you need, while keeping the router/DHCP server "informed".

Even when using the inform option, you be cognizant of your router/DHCP server's configuration. For example, if you randomly choose an IP address, and that address is already assigned to another host, inform will fail silently (unless you monitor your logs).

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