I want to make a hydroponic nutrient monitoring system, so I bought atlas scientific sensors for my project. There are 3 types of atlas sensors and LCD 20x04 that are connected to my raspberry pi 3B+.

This is the list of Atlas Scientific items I used for the project

  1. Electrical conductivity 1.0 probe + EZO EC circuit
  2. Consumer-grade pH probe + EZO pH Circuit
  3. PT-1000 Temperature probe + EZO Temperature Circuit

I follow the wiring from this post (https://kylegabriel.com/projects/2020/06/automated-hydroponic-system-build.html) and I installed Mycodo by following instructions from the posts.

The fritzing of my sensors

Color code:

  • red: 5V
  • black: GND
  • blue: SDA
  • green: SCL

The sensors can measure the EC, pH, and temperature of my hydroponic nutrients. After that, I shut down the Raspberry Pi as I want to move it to my custom box. When I connect the sensors and LCD to Raspberry Pi again, all sensors are not active (EZO circuits light indicators off) and LCD is also not turned on.

I noticed when I connected my Raspberry Pi to LCD, the power indicator on raspberry pi (red LED) was turned off. The CPU temperature monitoring indicated that my Raspberry Pi was throttled, and the temperature is around 42-45 Celsius degrees. What may cause the RPi to experience that?

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    Pretty pictures are all well & good, but if you want answers post details of all devices and connections, as well as code. It is unrealistic to expect anyone to trace your wiring.
    – Milliways
    Apr 7 at 3:04


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