A friend lent me a little used RPi 4B to try it before to buy it. I am not sure to buy it but for now I simply connected a display and powered it.

By bad luck I noticed that my only monitor that handles HDMI no longer works, so I can not see what the device is displaying.

I found with nmap that the RPi could be accessed by SSH. I attempted to login to it with the default credentials for user pi but these does not work. So I asked to my friend the working credentials which do not work anymore.

So I plugged in a USB keyboard, its LEDs indicated that it was operational and I tried the Magic SysRq Key REISUO combination but I must have made a mistake or the combination is not exactly the same on a AZERTY keyboard (I'm French) because now not only the device has not turned off but the keyboard LEDs are no longer lit. Even when changing ports nothing happens.

I saw an ultimate proposition which indicates to unplug the power (as my ACT LED is not lit and is not blinking) which can work ... or not !

As the device not belong to me, I wish to know if someone have a newer or a better solution to shut down safely without risking corrupting the system ?

  • Just pull the power, you'll get away with it more often than not. Or try a different HDMI cable connected to a different TV. Raspberry Pi 4Bs won't work at 1366x768 (without some tweaks to config.txt).
    – Dougie
    Apr 8, 2022 at 21:02
  • Thank you ! Pulling the power connector is what I finally made because I had no choice. As I do not own a device with a working HDMI port I could not try it ... Apr 9, 2022 at 11:04

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I finally forced the switched off the device with the upstream button after having verify that the ACT LED was not lit and was not blinking (as proposed in this thread).

For those who can be interrested I detailed all my work on this thread.

Thank you, problem solved !


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