I am trying to built a clock with rpi pico and circuitpython.

For iot connection I use a WIZNET5K module and so I used the adafruit_wiznet5k library. It connects alright.

The next step is to sync the system occasionally with an NTP server. How do I do this? And do I have a choice as to what server to use? Thus far I have searched and found the esp32 lib which I can't use in this occasion or could I?

In any case when trying to use adafruit_ntp.py I get he error :

File "adafruit_ntp.py", line 49, in init TypeError: Provided object is not an ESP_SPIcontrol object.

Are there any suggestions? Thank you!

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It appears the wiznet5k python library already has an NTP module.

I don't have one to test with, but I think the code to use it would go something like this:

<other imports for setting up wiznet5k>
import adafruit_wiznet5k.adafruit_wiznet5k_ntp as NTP

<other code for setting up wiznet5k>
currenttime = NTP.NTP(eth, "pool.ntp.org", 0)

eth is the configured WIZNET5K device. pool.ntp.org would be the NTP server you choose - you can add country code prefixes, e.g., uk.pool.ntp.org, to get a server closer to home. The third argument is for UTC offset in hours. The function returns seconds since the UNIX epoch (Jan 1 1970).


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