I am trying to implement TLS in mysql and everything works with in connecting to it except a python code in the raspberry pi.

the code looks like this:

import mysql.connector
import mysql.connector.constants import ClientFlag

database = mysql.connector.connect(
    host = "test.test",
    user = "user",
    password = "password",
    database = "base",
    client_flags = [ClientFlag.SSL],
    tls_version = ["TLSv1.2"],
    ssl_ca = "/home/pi/Desktop/ca-cert.pem",
    ssl_cert = "/home/pi/Desktop/client-cert.pem",
    ssl_key = "/home/pi/Desktop/client-key.pem",
cursor = database.cursor()

The error that is popping up is: (KeyError: "tls_versions") then in traceback it is also (attributeError: unsuported argument 'tls_versions') Have also tried without tls_version keyword and then the error: (switch_to_ssl self.sock.do_handshake()

Have anyone had the same problem? this code works on my 2 other computer but not on the pi. I believe the problem is with openssl because the pi has 1.1.1n


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