I want to connect Infineon 9670 tpm 2.0 with raspberry pi 4b. TPM takes GPIO pin 1 to 26 and UART needs pin 8 and 10. So basically I cannot connect both simultaneously. (which is the requirement in my case where I need to access tpm in the u-boot shell. To get u-boot shell I need to have a UART serial console so that I can communicate with it before booting of Linux kernel.)

For serial connection, I am using this cable, and Putty tool (also used Tera Term)

Now based on this and this2 I came ot know that rpi 4 has 4 extra UARTs. I configured UART5 (pin32, 33) in /boot/config.txt. But this gives serial output from starting of kernel onwards and not starting from the bootloader (u-boot)

Any way to connect UART0 and TPM with the breadboard or Multiplexing or something else?

Help is appreciated Thank you in advance.


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