I have been using both the SD card and the USB drive to save large files (videos) over a long period of time (weeks) and wondering what is best (and why). I have had problem with both (lags, corrupted files, etc) so I am wondering what I should be doing. I am using the RPi 3b+ (does this change with RPi 4 or with version of raspbian?)

Many thanks!

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I have had problem with both (lags, corrupted files, etc)

The usual reason for this is that the drive takes too much power; this may also cause enough problems to explain corruption on the SD card, which shouldn't happen unless the power is being arbitrarily cut on a regular basis (you need to shut the system down properly first).

Another factor with the USB is how it is formatted. If this is a drive you only use with the Pi, it should be formatted ext4 for best performance. If you need to share it with systems that can't read that, use vfat. Avoid ntfs as this commonly leads to problems.

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