I have a raspberry pi 3 that is connect to my home network using wifi.

But I have another network that is LAN only. What I want:

When I plugin the LAN cable, I want the pi to disconnect from the wifi network and connect to the LAN network. And when I remove the cable, I want it to connect back to the wifi network.

I want this solution to be permanent after reboots and shutdowns.

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  • Why? What do you hope to achieve? Have you tried what happens?
    – Milliways
    Jun 21 at 22:07

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You didn't actually ask a question, but I assume you'd like for someone to tell you how to get "what you want". The guidance here is that you're supposed to do your homework, try something, and only then ask a question. Your question reads more like a "wish"... as if you'd found the magic lamp & conjured a genie.

All that aside, your objective seems straightforward. If I were doing this, I think I would start by reading man ip & try to write a script that used the ip command to check eth0 for a carrier. Then I would read man wpa_cli and/or man rfkill to learn how to disable the wifi. I would probably look at trying to do this using dhcpcd since it is the RPi de-facto network manager. It has hooks that can be run to do this sort of thing. Hopefully, that will get you started. Please don't hesitate to ask follow-on detailed questions after you've tried something.

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