Does anybody have experience with the Uctronics B0106 LCD 3.5" Display? I have made several attempts to install the driver software, with varying results. But now I'm stuck. I am following these instructions: https://github.com/UCTRONICS/UCTRONICS_LCD35_RPI/blob/master/README.md

First I tried the quickie install command: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/UCTRONICS/UCTRONICS_LCD35_RPI/master/install

Didn't work. So then I went the longer route, command by command up through sudo ./UCTRONICS_LCD35_install same result either way: the screen comes alive, shows the multicolored test pattern, and stays there. Prior to the driver installation it was showing the Raspbian Linux screen background, now it never gets past the test pattern.

One place in their documentation says, you've installed an SPI driver, HDMI won't work anymore. So I try unplugging the HDMI cable that links the LCD display to the RPi board. But then right after the Uctronics logo it simply shows "HDMI" in the upper left corner, then "No signal".

How to approach this? How to diagnose, where to look? Hardware or software?


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