I plan to cluster 4 raspberry pi 3b systems. If I use the USB in one of the non controllers will the controller acknowledge the device i.e. wifi.

I created a cluster using kubernetes. I am new to clustering and really dont want to spend lots of effort if this is not possible.

If I plug in 6 wifi adapters across various pi's in the cluster will the controller see these i.e. wlan0,wlan1,wlan2,wlan3,wlan4,wlan5?

Essentially on the master I want to access all the usb devices like wifi adapters, gps, sdr from the one device where I plan to run software.

But looking at some articles I think I would need to run the application on each raspi and have a central database that the applications log to.

My problem I am trying to work around is not using a large usb hub but that may be the simple/quickest options at this time.

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  • Please edit your question and add details about the cluster. Add links to the corresponding documentation and software.
    – Bodo
    Jun 22 at 20:41


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