I'm very new to programming on raspberry pi's and I haven't coded anything in about 5 years so bear with me.

My company is asking me to connect a 2.7 e-paper hat INK display to a raspberry pi pico. I've been following this adafruit circuitpython tutorial but i'm unsure if im on the right track. I've been looking at the waveshare wiki and I'm havin issues following instructions on there, I'm unable to download those libraries required (BCM2835 and wiring pi.) i've been trying thonny, and the REPL.

Then I stumbled upon this page for the 2.7inch e-paper e-ink display for the pico and it has pretty straight forward directions to start programming with the pico. Are we using the wrong e-ink display? Or is it still possible to use a regular 2.7 e-paper instead of the pico version?

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You NEED the pico version. The regular version will NOT work. The regular version is designed for the regular raspberry pi, whereas the pico version is designed for the pico. The Pico doesn't have the necessary capabilities to talk to the regular one.

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