i prefer ask you that i'm French ^^ So I will be very simple.

I would like, when i start my raspberry a execution of my python file. That is to says, I want that when my pi starting the programm is running (and we can see on desktop so we can directly respond to a input )

I don't know if you arrived to understand what I said. Thanks a lot

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I have done that :

sudo nano /etc/xdg/autostart/display.desktop

and edit the file with :

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/bin/idle /home/admin/Desktop/exe.py

But when my pi starts, it's just launch the edition of the file ^^ not the running

  • No it's didn't work ! Because it's just starting with the python file edit. Jun 30 at 10:02

Quick and easy answer: that's normal, you're starting the "idle" file editor. Correct display.desktop file would be:

[Desktop Entry] Name=exe Exec=python /home/admin/Desktop/exe.py

French version:
C'est normal, on appelle l'éditeur au lieu de python!
Voir ci-dessus la version corrigée du fichier ^^

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