I have a raspberry pi 4 and using it for a while. I always connect it via SSH over local network with my computer.

But recently, I'm seeing and error such as: kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection timed out. I googled this and based on the recommendations I tried:

  • Replacing SD Card
  • Run the pi with other voltage source (Currently using official adapter.)
  • Different network, and different PC and
  • Different connection types like: SSH over powershell, Putty and VNC viewer.

Nothing changed. I can only connect 1/10th of it, and the connection drops shortly after connecting. Also tried with a monitor with hdmi cable, raspberry pi runs without a problem that time. So the only problem is with the SSH I suppose.

How can I solve this?


Update: After trying different networks, I started to believe that the problem is caused by the hotspot that I created. SSH connection has no problem over connecting the pi directly to the modem, but when I try to create a hotspot from the PC, and connecting the pi to that, I get that error.

However, problem still continues because It's the only form of connection I can use in what I do. I connected the pi to the modem for testing purposes.


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