Pi set up is as follows:

version 4B

64 bit OS

ethernet cable from router to Pi

power cable from Pi to Laptop USB port

SD Card 16GB

Router recognises, lists Pi in devices, can SSH to it.

If I move the connection of power cable USB end from laptop to iPhone plug in wall socket, I see power lights, ethernet lights as before on the Pi, but the device isn't listed on the router. Why is this? How do I resolve this?

I have enabled SSH, userconf has username:hash-password, wpa_supplicant.conf as follows:



ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev







  • 1
    Not enough power?
    – joan
    Jul 9 at 19:38
  • This is unreadable. Get rid of all the html and use markup formatting. What OS?
    – Milliways
    Jul 9 at 22:48
  • How do I resolve this? ... simple, don't use the iPhone plug
    – jsotola
    Jul 9 at 23:34

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You are suffering from a classic problem of not enough power. Assuming you have 3 cores it needs about 5 watts of power. The Raspberry Pi 4 requires a power adapter that outputs at 3 Amps at 5 Volts. The iPhone will give you 5V at how many watts? There is a reason they recommend minimum capacity form the power supplies, you are experiencing it. If you connect peripherals add the additional power requirement(s) to the power supply requirements. I will say A proper power supply will solve your problem.

  • Do not keep spreading this misinformation. All models will operate on a decent 1A supply. Even the oldest Apple PS are rated at 5W supply. There is NO "recommend(ed) minimum capacity" See raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/a/51616/8697
    – Milliways
    Jul 10 at 1:04

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