I have set up a raspberry pi and connected a QR-Code scanner via a dongle to it so the QR-Code scanner acts as keyboard. The scanner is set up to send my-command as prefix and then whatever is coded in the QR-code. The function my-command is defined in the .bashrc file of the pi user and logs something to the system log.

If I log in via ssh and type my-command, the log message appears in journalctl. However, it seems that the command is not executed with the QR-Code scanner. I can, however, see that the scanner sends the keystrokes by following evtest.

I have this problem on a raspberry pi 4. I've previously set it up on a raspberry pi 2 were it worked.

Background: I want to set up the QR-code scanner such that the kids can use it to play music. For this, my-command is supposed to send a MQTT message which will be received by the server that does the rest.

  • what is your question that actually relates to the Raspberry Pi?
    – jsotola
    Jul 31 at 16:53
  • use a text editor to test the scanner
    – jsotola
    Jul 31 at 16:54


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