Part 1: Connecting to the Pi Directly

What I want is for an end user to see the pi as its own wifi hot spot and connect to that (either getting served a landing page if they open a web browser, or just make use of available services on the pi (DLNA server, FTP, SSH, Etc.)

The Important Thing here is end users don't have to connect to a local wifi network to access the pi. My use case thinking is either taking the pi out where there is no internet or a move has just happened and there's no internet just yet.

Part 2: Island-Pi Able to see and connect to area wifi.

Preferred Use: Island-Pi (one that you can connect to via wifi) either via a web page you log into as admin for preference sake or through SSH log into an admin pannel where 'you' can see that there are external wifi connections to the pi and try logging that pi onto one so that anyone connected to the pi can connect to that internet connection.

Additional Notes: I have one of those crew on multi-port USB hubs, so if a solution to the second part of the question involves adding a wifi dongle, I can do that.

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