I was trying to setup a wifi mesh with raspberry Pi devices.Using this tutorial.
I have used Linux Raspberry Pi OS.

uname -a result:

raspberrypi 5.15.32-v7+ #1538 SMP Thu Mar 31 19:38:48 BST 2022 armv7l GNU/Linux

First I configureed the raspberry pi as a normal mesh node.

Then I configured the one raspberry pi as a gateway node and the other as a bridge.

To connect the external devices to the mesh network, I created an access-point by using an external wifi adapter (Tp-link TL-WN725N). The configurations are done by referring this tutorial.

After reboot the pi device at the first time it was worked properly, but it does not worked after the following reboot.
I have configured the access point (using hostapd) in 'wlan1' (external wifi adapter interface) interface. “This interface getting down after the reboot.”

ifconfig doesn't display wlan1.


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