I am currently using raspberry pi 4 in my school project and i would like the Pi autoconnect during startup. However, i failed to do that. i have tried:

  1. File rc.local
  2. crontab -e My python script can run during startup but only bluetooth connection part does not work. I can assure that my script is working but by run it using pyhton software such as Geany,Thony python IDE etc.

The bluetooth part in my code as such:

if os.path.exists('/dev/rfcomm0') == False:
    path = 'sudo rfcomm bind 0 00:15:02:09:14:E5'
    os.system (path)

bluetoothSerial = serial.Serial( "/dev/rfcomm0", baudrate=9600 )

I tried to connect with HC-05 bluetooth module with arduino. I need the python script work without monitor to run the code where as the system 'on' it will work.

How can my python script connect bluetooth automatically during startup?



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