I have installed a screensaver (slock) so that when I click on the screenlock icon in the lower right-hand corner of the desktop, the desktop locks out until I enter my password.

I would like to take this one step further and have the desktop lock out automatically after a certain amount of time (e.g., 10 minutes). I haven't been able to find how to configure this. I can use "xset s 600" so that the screen goes blank after 10 minutes, but this is different from locking out, since I don't need to enter my password to go back to the desktop.

Thanks for any advice!

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I used xscreensaver for this.

  1. You can install it with sudo apt install xscreensaver
  2. Open the settings with xscreensaver-demo
  3. Set Blank After to the time till the screen locks
  4. Make sure that Lock Screen After is checked and set to zero
  5. Set your screensaver. I personally like abstractile
  6. Reboot computer

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