I'm a fan of the f.lux program but I couldn't find any way to install it on the arm architecture. However, there is an alternative called Redshift.

Redshift installed fine; however, when I run it, it doesn't seem to have any effect, I am running the following as a test:

pi@blackpi ~ $ redshift -l 40:75 -b 0.1 -g 0.5 -o 
Gamma ramp size too small: 0
Failed to start adjustment method randr.
Trying next method...
Using method `vidmode'.

Then it kicks me back to the console. No matter what input commands I try, it doesn't seem to change the screen color or brightness at all.


The closed source graphics driver doesn't expose gamma ramps, which are what redshift relies on. To get gamma ramps, you'll need to switch to the open source graphics driver.

Using raspi-config (assuming you're using Raspbian), enable the experimental OpenGL driver (in native mode, not "firmware KMS") and reboot, at which point redshift should work.

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Not yet, but maybe soon (~2017).

With the new experimental OpenGL driver in Raspbian, it may be possible for Redshift to work.

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